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DIY Tips Maintain Healthy Plumbing
DIY Tips to Maintain Healthy Plumbing

Maintaining a healthy plumbing system requires regularly inspecting for leaks, avoiding pouring grease down drains, using boiling water to clear clogs, fixing any issues immediately, and more essential maintenance tips for DIY homeowners.

Steps Pipe Relining Process?
What are the Steps in the Pipe Relining Process?

Pipe relining repairs damaged pipes by creating a smooth new lining inside the existing pipe. It is a trenchless method that avoids digging. The process involves cleaning and inspecting the pipe, inserting a resin tube into it, then curing the resin to harden into the new pipe lining.

Drain Snakes Hydrojetting: Clears Drains ?
Drain Snakes or Hydrojetting: Which Clears Drains Better?

Drain snakes and hydrojetting are the two most common methods for clearing clogged drains. Snakes are best for minor clogs while hydrojetting offers more thorough cleaning of tougher blockages. Hydrojetting blasts water to scour pipe interiors but can cost more.

file hot water warranty claim
How to file a hot water warranty claim

If your hot water system stops working while still under warranty, contact the manufacturer directly to assess eligibility and initiate a claim. We can help manage the process by assessing the fault, providing evidence needed, communicating with the provider and facilitating any repairs.

Pipes Relined ?
Can Pipes Be Relined More Than Once?

Yes, pipes can be relined multiple times. Pipe relining essentially creates a new pipe inside the existing one using epoxy resin. It’s a fast and effective repair method that can extend the lifespan of pipes by 50+ years. Reach out if your pipes need relining.

Turn Water Supply
How To Turn Off Your Water Supply

Knowing how to turn off your home’s main water valve during plumbing emergencies prevents costly water damage. Our simple 4-step guide shows you how to locate and turn off the main water shut-off valve to your property.

Hot Water Running Fast?
Hot Water Running Out Too Fast?

If you find your hot water starts running cold during a shower or the tap water heats up slowly, your system likely has an issue. Common causes include sediment buildup over time, a faulty thermostat failing to regulate water temperature, or an undersized water heater for your household’s usage.

Blocked Drains Dangerous?
Are Blocked Drains Dangerous?

Blocked drains accumulate stagnant water, debris, bacteria and pests, making them a health hazard. Causing leaks, floods, foul smells and illness, blocked drains must be promptly unblocked by professionals to avoid property damage and sickness.

Dealing & Preventing Frozen Pipes
Dealing With & Preventing Frozen Pipes

Frozen and burst pipes can cause extensive water damage. To prevent frozen pipes, insulate exposed pipes and maintain adequate heat. If pipes freeze, gently apply a hair dryer or heating pad to thaw. Keep faucets dripping to allow water flow and prevent refreezing. Call a plumber immediately if pipes burst.

Typical Hot Water System Lifespan
Typical Hot Water System Lifespan

The average hot water system lifespan is 8-15 years. An electric system typically lasts 10-15 years. A gas system 8-12 years. Various factors like water quality and usage impact lifespan. Regular maintenance and servicing is key to longevity.

Natural Gas Safe?
Is Natural Gas Safe?

Natural gas is typically safe when installed and used correctly. However, leaks pose health hazards from toxic fumes or fire/explosion risk. Keep gas appliances serviced and know rotten egg smell indicates leaks. Exit the area and call emergency services if a leak is suspected.

Inspect Hot Water System
When to Inspect My Hot Water System

Hot water systems should be inspected by a licensed plumber every 1-2 years for optimal performance. This helps flush sediment, check components and identify any faults early before they become expensive issues.

Hot Water Running Fast?
Hot Water Running Out Too Fast?

If your hot water unexpectedly runs out during showers or sinks keep losing heat, your system likely needs professional maintenance. We can inspect build-up, faulty parts, capacity issues and more to diagnose the problem. Call St Peters Plumbing for same-day hot water repairs and installation.

Warning signs hot water system repairs
Warning signs your hot water system needs repairs

If you notice warning signs like rusty water, leaks, strange noises or insufficient hot water, it’s likely your hot water system needs repairs or replacing. Call our licensed plumbers for affordable repairs today. We service all hot water systems.

Noisy Water Pipes?
What Causes Noisy Water Pipes?

Loud banging, knocking or humming sounds coming from your home’s water pipes are often caused by issues like water hammers, loose straps, high water pressure or worn washers. Have St Peters Plumbing diagnose the root cause and professionally fix your noisy pipes fast.

Trenchless Pipe Relining?
What is Trenchless Pipe Relining?

Trenchless pipe relining is a no-dig method to repair damaged underground pipes without excavation. It involves installing a new pipe lining inside the old pipe to seal cracks and restore flow. Key benefits are no digging or disruption, long lasting repairs and cost savings over replacement.

Spot Plumbing Appliance Faults
How To Spot Plumbing Vs Appliance Faults

Many home issues involve plumbing faults like leaks or appliance faults. Knowing key signs helps identify which to call a plumber or appliance repair for.

Dispose Gas Appliances Safely?
How To Dispose Of Old Gas Appliances Safely?

Old gas appliances like stoves, heaters and hot water systems contain hazardous materials. Rather than landfill, you can dispose safely via professional recycling services which extract and repurpose component metals and parts. Contact our team today for responsible appliance recycling.

Avoid Pipe Relining Mistakes
How to Avoid Pipe Relining Mistakes

It’s important to avoid common mistakes like choosing an inexperienced company when selecting pipe relining services. Learn what questions to ask and factors to consider to ensure quality pipe restoration without full replacement.

smelly drains & fix
What causes smelly drains & how to fix them

Smelly drains are a common problem caused by trapped debris, grease buildup, bacteria growth & more. Fix drain odors with simple solutions like baking soda, vinegar & boiling water to kill bacteria.

Neglect Blocked Drain?
What Happens When You Neglect a Blocked Drain?

Neglecting a blocked drain leads to sewage backups, foul odours, property damage from flooding, sink overflows and breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Hot Water Brown?
Why is My Hot Water Brown?

Brown hot water is typically caused by sediment or rust buildup inside your hot water system. Try flushing the tank to clear it. If the brown water persists, call a plumber to inspect your water heater.

Spot Early Signs Blocked Drain
How To Spot The Early Signs of a Blocked Drain

Noticing gurgling noises, sinks draining slowly, foul stenches or overflowing water are all clear signs your household drain is blocked. Our professional plumbers diagnose the issue to prevent further blockages and flooding.

7 Ways Prevent Household Drain Blockages
7 Ways to Prevent Household Drain Blockages

Avoid pouring grease, oil or food waste down drains. Use drain strainers to catch debris. Flush drains weekly with boiling water. Unclog slow drains with a plunger or baking soda and vinegar.

Steps Maintain Garbage Disposal
Steps To Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Maintaining your garbage disposal is easy if you run it regularly, grind only soft foods, clean with baking soda and vinegar, and avoid putting grease down the drain. Our expert plumbers can also help with any garbage disposal repairs or replacements.

Pressure Test Gas Line Check Leaks
How To Pressure Test a Gas Line and Check for Leaks

Pressure testing a gas line involves pumping it up to high pressure with air and monitoring gauges for drops indicating leaks. A certified professional performs the test to check system integrity and safety.

Pipe Relining Fixes Bent & Angled Pipes
Pipe Relining Fixes Bent & Angled Pipes

Pipe relining provides an effective repair solution for cracked, broken or blocked pipes that have complex bends and angles. Our pipe relining uses flexible materials to reline bent pipes from the inside without any digging or demolition.

plumbing layout blocked drains?
Does your plumbing layout cause blocked drains?

Blocked drains are often caused by incorrect plumbing layouts. Let our St Peters plumbing experts assess your home’s layout to prevent future drain blockages.

Restore Pipe Integrity Excavation
Restore Pipe Integrity Without Excavation

Pipe relining is a cost-effective and efficient way to repair damaged pipes without excavation. It involves inserting a resin-coated liner into the existing pipe to seal cracks and restore structural integrity. Contact St Peters Plumbing today to learn more about trenchless pipe relining.

Avoid Damaging Pipes - Pipe Relining
Avoid Damaging Your Pipes - Get Pipe Relining

Putting off pipe relining means you risk further sewer pipe damage from roots, debris and cracks. Don’t delay - our St Peters team can restore your pipes and avoid excavation. Contact us today for peace of mind.

’ Lifespan Gas Pipeline?
What’s the Lifespan of a Gas Pipeline?

The average lifespan of a gas pipeline is approximately 50 years. However, with proper maintenance and corrosion protection, pipelines can safely transport natural gas for even longer. The depth underground, pipe material and thickness all impact lifespan.

Essential Safety Gear Gas Work
Essential Safety Gear for Gas Work

Working with gas requires proper protective equipment to stay safe. Essentials include gloves, goggles, hard hats, steel-toe boots, flame-resistant clothing, respirators. Having the right safety gear is crucial to protect against hazards when working around flammable or pressurized gas.

Cooking Habits Clog Kitchen Drains
How Cooking Habits Clog Kitchen Drains

Certain cooking habits like pouring fats and oils down the drain can cause clogged pipes over time. Prevent blockages with smart practices like wiping greasy dishes and using drain screens.

Cast Iron Pipe Relining
Cast Iron Pipe Relining

Trenchless cast iron pipe relining offers a long-lasting solution for repairing damaged or corroded cast iron drain pipes without digging. Our professional plumbers use advanced CIPP epoxy resin technology to reline your pipes, restoring flow and eliminating leaks.

5 Simple Tips Unclog Blocked Shower Drain
5 Simple Tips to Unclog Your Blocked Shower Drain

A clogged shower drain is frustrating, but often an easy DIY fix. Try pouring boiling water or baking soda and vinegar down the drain to break up hair and soap scum. Use a plunger to force out the clog. Unclogging a blocked drain prevents standing water in the shower.

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